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A selection of Bi-Fold Doors from our range of Pine and Oak. Available in a range of glass designs including clear bevelled, leaded and sandblasted glass.
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We offer a large variety of Bi-fold doors in modern and traditional designs and in both pine and oak. All Bi-fold doors are ready assembled with hinges, and come complete with a Bi-fold door track. Available with a variety of glass designs including: clear and frosted, bevelled glass and also genuine leaded glass.

FITTING & FINISHING: We offer a complete fitting and finishing service for all our Doors.

Visit one of our Showrooms to see our selection of Doors, Security Products, and Door Furniture. Doors are displayed varnished and painted in a wide variety of colours. Handles and doorknobs are displayed in several finishes including Brass, Polished and Satin Chrome, Pewter and many more.

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